One click and earn game is a Different way to get profit each day and you don´t need to be a pro player for this.

    Not everyone likes to play well or you cant get profit. Because of that, this kind of game makes everyone to win in some time and you only need to choose your NFTS, make a team with them and ask for your profit just with one click for each team of NFT

    Everyone will be able to win more with more risk or just take lower risk to make their profit slower but safe.

    Enought to make a good roy just in few days not years.

    When you trust on a Bank for your money and you need to earn a 100% profit back you cant, but with this kind of games its normal to make this profit in one week, some days or just few months…

When more  NFT teams you have more Money  you will get back.

Crypto world makes new chances to get this profits sometimes on the coin grouth and others on the project just playing the game… (Or try to make both!!)

Hold some coins and sell when they pump use to be the easyest way to win on the cryptoworld but here you will have the chance to play too with a game with one easy rule

When More time & more money you invest, more profit you will get.

When projects give too mutch money they use to have a short life. Its difficult to keep this healthy rewards pool for everyone full of coins (but if the project is stable enought) and you have to pay some to make your NFT Teams working some time, the game will earn some profits too, if you buy or sell this coin you will get this fee too, if you sell or mint one NFT you will get this fee too…

This fees will work for you! because they will go to a pool to afford your profits in the future!!

We like to call this fee system «a healty Crypto system to get EVERYONE HAPPY» and keeps whales out of this projet because they will loose this fee if they dont trust in us or they will not play and just want to dump this healty system.

How works this fee system for us

If biggest investors buy and sell our coin will lost this fee and project will grow because of them and it will keep them far enought to be safe. (We dont trust in whales)
We trust in small gamers who wants to enjoy and see how their money goes back and get some profit with us (better than just a normal stake)

Make your team choose your risk

    So you dont need to be a Pro gamer you will need just to trust your play Team & risk and wait until you get what you want from us!!

Use sell and Rental Marketplace to get more profit

    You will always be able to sell your nft and let another person start at the point you finish with your nfts and get some extra profit with it, (but we think if you try you will never sell)

Developing the best tips from all  games

  Infact we are just working on a kind of game its made since some time ago and we are takeing the best part of diferent games we saw before… here you have a small list of old games click to earn works in the past frome where we take some tips for this game:

CryptoMines, CryptoCars, Cryptoplanes and some others play to earn like Splinterlands, Axi Infinite and Thetan arena (all of them had good tips to make a mix with the best ideas for your safety)

We are trying to make the best one just because of our healthy crypto system keeping whales out of this, we just want people like you normal gamers and normal small investor not whales.