Some usual Questions before the Start

People usualy dont know and dont trust games to make money, becuse it´s imposible to trust something you don´t know anything about and how it works

KYC, Safu & third party audits 

    We want to make everything right, so we will do the usual steps to take and keep the confidence of people.

    Diferent  (third party) companys will do their work trusting our smart contracts and the use of earnings for pools in the game before to start asking for money or selling any coin.

We will use 2 different coins for this game

    When a projet give rewards in one coin, people sell their rewards so the coin dumps, we will use one coin for profits ready for the game (normal farm token).

    The other one (not a farm token) will be just to buy and mint nfts on this project and it will not be selled like a farm token, it will keep most of its value to make it works on time.

OFee system is safe and good for you

    When you buy, sell or use our coin to mint NFT for the game you will pay some fee to keep whales outside of this project.

    We need to keep safe our tokens and without masive selling of them this fee keep far away whales because its not interesting to weist their money dumping and pumping our crypto.

    It will get some cash back for the profit pools for the real players of the game and if we can get enought fee movement this project will keep working and will keep working mutch more time.

Stake system of the coins

    Other important point its to give investors and players the same captability to get profit with us!! 

    One of the easyest ways is to make pools for staking and you will be able to use come coin to get more coin with time!

    There are many ways to do this we will try to make a pool inside pancakeswap but we will try to make the same service for our users and the final best one of them will be the one we will offer to you!! 

    This one will be the easyest one and the higher one of them but we will try to keep both when game start.

More usual questions Before the whitepaper

The Secret of Success

    The combination of the last tips and this others will make a stable way to get profit easy and faster than with usual crypto or bank sistems.

Oracle system 

  All the profits on this game will be stabiliced with a system based on stable coins (you will get back the value in USD when you claim) of our coin.

    It will makes easyer to manage everything for users.

Oracle on marketplace

    When you want to sell a NFT the real value of this NFT will change if price of the coin change.

    You will put the value in USD for the selling and you will recive the correct value in our coin.

NFT activation

  You can buy some NFT but if you want to make them work for you some time, you will need to pay some to activate them, and you will be able to make it without investying any just using your profits on our sencond token.

 It wil go directly to refill the profit pools for players and they will go back easy in that period of time.

Nselling, renting or using

    You can use them, you can activate them but you can rent them on market too.

    With a rental market you will be able to get some profit when you dont have time, and makes easyer to other players to get some investing directly on you for some time the use of that nfts. so you will be able to earn without doing anything.