Steps to make your Free to play Game

We start with website, desing of characters for the game but this game needs mutch more!!

Developing a Alpha game

Choosing PHP and MySql for the Free to play, its more powerfull for a not web3 system for everyone!! We will give the chance to create acounts in our game just with an Email to play with website too.

Test the alpha and finish the beta game

The beta game, will allow you to play the crypto game style and learn how it will work when finish.

It will be for us the start point to finish our free to play game.

open beta test for people just for fun

We want people just playing until we start de final Free to play game!! we will have many work to start that game! and it will give us the best oportunity to fix bugs in game. (We will give some gifts for beta players)

open shop and start of FREE TO PLAy

When we will fix all bugs and use a full working shop will be the moment to start the Free to play game!

You will not need to spend money but you will be able to.