From Beta To Free to Play

Developing a new Free to Play and evolve it to  Play to Earn combined together

Enjoy our free to play and learn how to do it better each season!
You will be able to lvl up your account each season and claim some profits because ranks and events!! 

Choose your Risk and Profit &Think about what is better for you!!

Enjoy our designs and functionality combined together, and earn Profits!

We will need to develope hard on a new play to earn game, but until we finish it, we will try to make the best free to play game with a similar system, you will be able to mine on different planets with different squads and diferent percentage of winning.

Your chars will grow with you your city, each pilot and each spaceship will be able to lvl up to make your more powerfull each time!

Mount different squads with Spaceships and pilots each one will have different stats so your squad will be unique.

You will have many skills to change everything and choose what is the best choice for you!

Play across the day to rise far in the Univers and unlock new characters