Two games & One way to earn and enjoy

We will make two very similar games one free to play with real rewards without investing anything and other very similar to use with crypto. We will try to make them like a cloned game one from the other but to make it more interesting, we will make some changes between both to make more fun the free to play game and adapt a marketplace for your NFTS on the other

The Free to Play

We want to make two systems for this project, we want you playing and spending time just getting fun with us!

We will develope a game to earn points unlock better characters and do better each season! 

This game will have seasons, and each season we will give you some rewards for that accounts, and the captability to buy the old Seasons different characters you found (ships and pilots) to make your squads.

The only difference with the not free to play game will be the time for each expeditions, the seasons restart system, and the marketplace.

On the free to play game you will need to discover how big and hard is to mine in the different planets and use your points to get more points as fast as you can. (this points could be real money if you try)

Each season you will have to start again but with your priviledges and rewards and you will be able to play with your unlocked NFT minted in other seasons or just try to find a new better one!!, to reach high in hour ranking to get more rewards.

The best players will have some presents for the other game!!

More info in the Whitepaper.

Buy some Coin and start earning real crypto with the same system

If you like our Free to play game you will be able to have your own NFT in your account for ever, just using our reward token from the free to play game to play the real crypto NFT game or investing some more to make better squads.

No seasson reset and you can play with the same way you think its better to get real Crypto Money with our one lick game each day!! 

You will be able to play one time with each Squads and get real profit to claim some time after!! 

Your style, your risk your rules!! It will be the same game but with crypto system inside.