1º Developing The Game

Get domains, and start with websites and community

Finish Spanish and English website

Get Domains, take web servers and finish both lenguages websites (the most important will be English one)

Make a Telegram Community

Create a community for this game and set the community bot administrator and normal administrators.

Link the game on different click and earn Websites

At this moment the game is listed in two different platforms and soon you will find it in many searchers and different portals about this kind of games (marketing will come after)

Finish Roadmap and Whitepaper (we are HERE now)

Roadmap is done but whitepaper will take some time because it will have all the info about this project and we will make the game just following the whitepaper

Start with a alpha test of the game without tokens to find bugs and fix any issue

2º Getting your trust Before to ask for your money

start Kyc, SAFU and third party audits

Use Pinksale to make kyc, finish safu and third party audits to make people trust on this game. Some of this steps will need a beta final game ready to do them

Create a Beta of the game with real tokens 

Before launch this game we will need to make the beta test for the game to finish third party audits and fix bugs before start the official game.

Create Real tokens to seel and rules for them

when ready, we will need a official token for this game and it will work on BSC and you will be able to buy it on Pancakeswap (create token make pools ) and stake system.

Start with marketing, promo, Youtubers

We will start with promo when we will be close to make real this project, and promoters like youtubers, we will also make presales, and airdrops for white listed people of this project (more info inside whitepaper)

Start the whitelisted people playing beta before launch the official game and left everything working before the real START point.

3º Enjoy the game and get profits!!!

Start Game, Minting NFTS, rental and sell Marketplace 

Note: This roadmap and the whitepaper can change if we need to write important steps we think you will need to know to keep your trust in us working with the hope to finish everything as soon as we can.