Working hard on Alpha and Beta Game

Frome Beta
to Free to play

The beta game will be just the crypto game…
It needs to be mutch more easy to win and play, but… will you play an easy game just for fun? you will need to think mutch more on a free to play!!

When we will finish our Beta (the crypto system game style) people will see how it will works on crypto, but if your are going to enjoy a Free to play you will need to think mutch more to win some extra resurces and rewards!! 

In our free to play we want to give you the chance to choose what do you think its more important to keep your acount on the ranking!!

You will need to spend some resources to see your characters becoming to it´s full stats points.

When its better to evolve each thing?

this and many other questions will keep your brain active with a multiple gaming style on the same game.

Will you do better than the others?

About Stability on crypto system

New team developing a  Stable Crypto System with two tokens combined together 

We take care about the stability of the Crypto value and about make easy for people to keep value and get more profit with this game.

More details inside the Whitepaper